Let’s Talk About Rebranding: The Story Behind Kia’s Logo Switch

March 17th, 2023 by

“KN” Car Brand: All You Need To Know About Kia’s Iconic Switch

Automakers are always looking for ways to refresh their brand and stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Kia Motors is no exception, and the company has recently undergone a major rebranding effort, including a brand new logo. The redesigned logo is part of Kia’s efforts to redefine its image, modernize its brand, and establish itself as a leader in the automotive industry. However, the redesign left some consumers confused — searching for the new “KN” car brand.

The new logo reflects the company’s commitment to innovation, and it represents a significant departure from Kia’s previous branding. In this blog, we will explore the story behind Kia’s rebranding effort, the inspiration behind the new logo, and how the new logo fits into the company’s broader marketing strategy. Continue reading to learn more!

A Brief History of Kia

Kia Motors Corporation (KMC) has been taking the automotive world by storm for 78 years, designing, manufacturing, and selling passenger cars worldwide. Its bold global expansion strategy continues with Kia – a new brand dedicated to producing sporty turbocharged models set to take on more prestigious competitors in the market.

U.S. drivers got their first taste of this high-performance lineup when Kia was launched in January 2021. And now those same machines can be found at Battleground Kia, whose showroom is decorated with a fresh logo that stands as a testament to Kia’s commitment — fun and fast driving at its core.

Kia Logo Evolution

Over the past seven decades, Kia has adopted several new logos that reflect its commitment to quality and reliable driving. Starting with a stylized ‘K’ within a triangle in 1953, they updated it to feature a green “Q” and later changed it to words.

The 1990s saw them adopt an even more modern logo featuring bold lettering enclosed by a red oval shape — but as of 2021, they’ve made another significant change. Their latest symbol is composed of the ‘Kia’ letters, surrounded by three fundamental values: Symmetry, Rhythm, and Rising, which demonstrate Kia’s dedication to a sporty and fun vehicle experience.

Why The Logo Switch Was Essential

Over the years, Kia has had to make tough decisions regarding its logo and branding. Kia was launched in the US in response to the changing automotive market, where more prominent and well-established brands dominate the sales. Kia decided to differentiate itself by offering cars explicitly designed for sporty driving experiences.

The Kia logo is crucial because it helps create a distinct identity for its models. The “Kia” symbol intends to resonate with customers looking for a unique driving experience. By having these values embodied in the Kia logo, Kia models become instantly recognizable and associated with quality and fun.

How The Change Has Been Received

The introduction of the Kia logo to Kia vehicles has been met with interesting customer reactions. Despite some initial hesitation, there’s an undeniable surge in interest surrounding this new brand – evidenced by a substantial spike in “KN car brand” Google searches.

It seems that more and more people have taken note of these innovative cars, which offer something distinctively different from traditional Kia models.

Models Sporting the New Kia Logo

In the US, Kia models such as the Kia Stinger and Kia Niro have been on sale since 2021 with their distinctive Kia logo. These new Kia models are just the beginning of Kia’s journey. Kia plans to continue releasing more vehicles, each with its distinctive Kia logo. These cars will be designed to provide a fun and thrilling driving experience that you won’t find in other vehicles.

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