How to Test Drive a Car Like a Pro

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4 Questions To Ask During Your Test Drive

When you’re looking to upgrade your ride at a dealership, the test drive is a crucial step. It’s important to test drive because as a buyer, you want to know how the car performs on the road, what features it has, and if it will fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, there are a lot of questions to ask both the salesperson and yourself when taking a test drive.

Knowing what questions to ask beforehand will help you determine if a certain car is right for you. Continue reading to learn what questions you should be asking to test drive a car like a professional.

1. What Features Make the Car Stand Out From the Competition?

Chances are, you’re looking at multiple vehicles in the same price range. If this is true, you’ll definitely want to know what features make the car you’re test driving stand out in comparison to other vehicles in the same price bracket.

Asking this question will make it easier to figure out what qualities you value in a car. Maybe you value technology, and prefer your car be up-to-date on the latest technological advances. Or maybe you value gas mileage, so you opt for an electric vehicle. The features you look for will solely depend on your preferences, but it’s important for the salesperson to distinguish the key differences between each car.

2. How Does It Perform?

Knowing how a vehicle performs is crucial to knowing if it is the right car for you. You want to make sure you get a car that matches your lifestyle. If you are more of an outdoor type, you might want to opt for a larger, off-roading vehicle rather than a small sedan. Much like you also wouldn’t want a huge truck that might not be great on gas mileage if you’re commuting long distances daily.

Knowing how a vehicle performs can make or break your decision to buy it. You want a car that reflects your lifestyle, and one that can promote all of your daily activities. Asking questions to your salesperson about how the vehicle you are test driving performs can be a pivotal part in deciding which vehicle to ultimately purchase.

4. How Does the Technology Work?

Whether it be built-in navigation or bluetooth connectivity, cars have innovative technology that you need to know how to use. You should know the purpose of all of your in-car entertainment devices so that you can decide if you need those technology features in your everyday life. If you come to the conclusion that you do need these features, you should ask your salesperson to explain how each of them work, if needed. On the other hand, if you conclude that you don’t need a car with all the bells and whistles, you can discuss that with your salesperson and they can suggest a new vehicle to test drive.

If the car your test driving is going to be your new vehicle for the next couple of years, you should be familiar and comfortable with the different features the vehicle comes with. After all, if you’re paying for a vehicle you might as well learn how to use the new additions!

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5. Is It the Right Size Car For My Needs?

Everyone has different needs. Whether you’re driving around kids in the car daily for sports practices or school drop-offs, hauling around a large car seat/stroller, or just need extra space for your comfort, finding the right size car for your needs is essential.

When you’re test driving make sure you try out all the seats, even the ones in the back, to gauge how much room there is. You should also ask your salesperson to show you all of the cargo spots in the vehicle, as newer models sometimes have “hidden” compartments for storage.

Test Driving Your Next Vehicle at Battleground Kia

Knowing what questions to ask yourself and your salesperson while test driving a car will assist you in making an informed decision. Ultimately, you need a car that’s going to fit all of your needs, and here at Battleground Kia we are able and ready to help you find it! Contact us today to schedule a test drive so you can find your new ride!

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