A Complete Guide on How to Customize Your Car

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How to Customize Your Car: Tips From a Dealer

Whether it’s a brand new car with a metallic paint job, or one with camping modifications, we’ve all seen how customizing your car can reflect your lifestyle and personality. There is no better way to make your vehicle uniquely yours than by customizing it to fit your everyday wants and needs. Modify your new car to add fun and practical features that really get your wheels spinning. Continue reading to discover different ways to customize your car and enhance its appearance, performance, and audio quality.

Visual Improvements

The most impactful way to change the appearance of a new car is to make visual improvements to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Your new car can change in many ways starting from a new paint job, all the way to changing the mechanical features.


Painting a vehicle is the most simple way to make visual improvements that can fit any lifestyle. Your car can reflect your personality whether your favorite color is white or metallic purple, paint is a simple way to make an impactful customization. When choosing to paint your vehicle it is also good to know what type of paint to use to get a unique effect.

Wings and Vents

When it comes to your lifestyle, if you want a sports car feel then you should focus on adding a wing or vents to the shell of your car. By placing a wing on your vehicle you can add style and function for the ultimate racing look. A wing provides function by forcing the air down making sure your car stays grounded while maintaining higher speeds.

You can add eye-catching features on the hood of your car in addition to vents above the engine cabin. Vents act similar to the wings, as they add a unique look to the hood as well as serve a purpose for your engine cabin. Vents allow air to flow continuously through the engine cabin, and they stand out as a centerpiece to the hood or even side of your car. They range in size and shape so you can truly get that custom look.


Another way to customize your car is by changing the wheels. Tires are a major modification that can greatly improve the visual appearance of your new car. Wheels range in diameter and material so you have plenty of options including various alloy wheel shapes.

Window Tinting

For a little privacy you may want to add window tint to your vehicle. Tinting the windows not only provides a component of privacy but also can keep the inside of your car cool during warm summer days. However, before you tint any windows on your new car be sure to check your states requirements on the maximum percentage tint you can apply.

Performance Improvements

Performance of your new car is critical to how you want your car to function for your lifestyle. Customizing mechanical features of your car can give you the beneficial changes needed for peak performance.

Turbos and Twin Chargers

A significant improvement you can make for your car’s performance is by adding turbochargers or twin chargers. Both of these have been designed to move a larger quantity of air through the engine than it would normally take in. If you are looking for a more powerful ride in your new car then this form of improvement can bring you to that customization goal.

Exhaust System

One popular change many people make to improve performance is enhancements to the exhaust system. If power is what you are looking for, this type of modification will really rev your engine (pun intended). Changing the exhaust system will increase the efficiency of how quickly your engine is expelling used air from its engine. The rate at which this air is taken out allows your new car to perform at a higher level of power.

Brakes and Suspension

When it comes to improvements outside of the engine you can focus on brakes and suspension. These customizations can be specific to what you want the vehicle to do. For example, If you plan on off roading through mountains you may want suspension with a higher spring rate for your car to take on large rocks. You can also add enhanced brakes to make sure your car’s brake performance matches the lifestyle of your choice.

All of these performance improvements will not only help your car fit your unique lifestyle, but will also increase the longevity of your car and how it functions.

Audio and Video Enhancements

Improvements to audio and video in your vehicle can not only make your ride more enjoyable, but increase the practicality of the vehicle to your daily tasks. Items such as installing a DVD player or blu ray system will enable you to play movies in the car for small kids, or allow you to play your own music for entertainment. To support these two systems one can also add a high end stereo system or speakers to allow for increased sound quality throughout the vehicle.

Additionally, many cars have the option for Apple Car play or Android Auto — which allows you to connect your mobile device to the car. This customization makes listening to your favorite music or displaying directions in your car simple and easy to access. Audio and video enhancements are a simple and effective way to customize your car for the whole family.

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