New Kia KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V | Greensboro NC Review for Sale in Greensboro NC near Winston Salem

KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V | Greensboro NC Review

KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V | Greensboro NC Review
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KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V

In a head to head matchup, the Kia Sorento firmly establishes itself as the superior vehicle of the two. It’s a big fan favorite here in Greensboro North Carolina and has been the superstar of many a Greensboro review. Here at Battleground KIA, we’re pleased to show you all the reasons that the KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V wins out in a head to head matchup. While the Honda CR-V has its own perks and will definitely be the choice sometimes, there’s a good reason to go with the KIA Sorento whenever it’s possible.

KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V | Greensboro NC Review

Big Features Of The Kia Vs Honda debate

They’re both crossover SUVs but the Kia Sorento wins out in the size department. If you’re looking for a beast on the road, the Sorento can’t be bested in the KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V battle. Battleground KIA understands that size is one of the things that many people are looking for in their crossover SUV. You want something that is going to make your family feel like they’re riding in a home away from home. These KIAs serve Greensboro North Carolina families with a lot of size and style.

Battleground KIA also understand that another big reason for the Sorento winning this battle rests in its sophistication. The most recent model upgraded an already impressive grille with more sophisticated features and distinct curves in the exterior. This makes the exterior preferable to the Honda’s less defined body. If you want a classy ride, you’re going to want to follow the majority of every Greensboro review columnists and go with the Sorento.

So what’s under the hood that makes the Sorento preferable? Most Greensboro North Carolina drivers agree that the smoothness of the ride comes from the power under the hood.

KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V | Greensboro NC Review Features

The Sorento’s suspension system is by far more sturdy than that of the CR-V and is going to give you one of the smoothest rides on the road, with few exceptions. While some versions of the CR-V might be able to outclass Sorento in this category, the newer versions of the Sorento makes short work of the battle. They win!

Almost every Greensboro review is going to touch on the sheer comfort of the Sorento. While it doesn’t blow the CR-V away by miles, it manages to best its competitor by offering three-row seating that is second to none. Thigh bolsters are able to accommodate even the tallest of drivers and give them a smooth, comfortable drive in the seats.

In the safety category, the Sorento gets incredibly high marks, so you’re not going to hear any complaints about safety on the Sorento, but the CR-V also gets incredibly high marks in safety and adds on automatic emergency braking that can help some shaky drivers in a bind. This additional feature might appeal to some folks out there enough to make them opt for the CR-V over the Sorento, but this is only one of the many things that factor into which one of these great automobiles will be your dream car.

KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V | Greensboro NC Review Features

Making The Big Decision

Both vehicles have a lot of comfort and roominess, so you’re never going to lack for either of these things if you opt for one vehicle over the other. However, the Sorento is a beast on the road and manages to make it look easy through and through. The smaller CR-V won’t appeal to some drivers who prefer a larger SUV crossover vehicle and the sharp exterior design of the Sorento makes it more eye-catching out there on the road. While both vehicles have their positive points, the Sorento wins in our matchup.

Our family owned dealership is excited to welcome you onto our lot so that you can test drive the newest Sorento. We believe that you’ll be just as impressed as we were with the comfort of the three-row system. And even though the vehicle is definitely larger than the CR-V, you can bet that it doesn’t drive like a larger vehicle. You can make turns smoothly and clearly, and acceleration of the vehicle is going to impress you most of all. You’ve got all this power built into a 185-horsepower 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine, but it also has a 290-hp 3.3-liter V-6 engine that is going to impress everyone associated with major power in their SUVs.

KIA Sorento vs Honda CR-V | Greensboro NC Review Interior

That’s not to say that some folks won’t prefer the Honda. Honda fans in general will always side with a Honda model and go with it in the end, and that’s fine! There are enough quality vehicles in the world to give every driver the things that they most want in their vehicles. For us, though, we’re KIA fans and we’re going to advise our customers to get out here to Battleground and test drive one of the newest Sorento models. And if you’re a fan of the classics, we have plenty of those here on the lot as well. Just give us a call today to set up your test drive OR simply browse our inventory online and find a model year that suits your tastes.

We’re a family owned dealership that prides ourselves on making all of our customers a member of our distinguished family. When you walk on the lot, you’ll get the full treatment. We listen to customer concerns, give you plenty of time to make an informed purchase, and most of all, we believe firmly that we’re putting you behind the wheel of a great vehicle. In this case, it’s the KIA Sorento.

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