KIA Forte Vs Honda Civic l Greensboro NC for Sale in Greensboro NC near Winston Salem

KIA Forte Vs Honda Civic | Greensboro NC

KIA Forte Vs Honda Civic | Greensboro NC
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KIA New Vehicle Dealership

If you’re debating the KIA Forte Vs Honda Civic, you need to come down to our dealership and talk with our staff. Both vehicles have undergone some remarkable innovations and changes to the structure. They are both more refined than any previous version as well, but the Forte has some smart new changes to the grille, headlights and the front bumper. Both vehicles are incredibly versatile, and you’ll love the intelligent functionality and performance enhancements that have been made to the Forte. The 1.6-liter powertrain provides smart performance and power with a fast acceleration that offers stiff competition for the Civic. Come down and check out the KIA Forte vs comparable Honda Civic models at Battleground KIA for yourself and decide what option will work best for you. When you take into account the comprehensive warranty on the new Forte compared to the Civic models, we think you’ll find the Forte wins hands down.

Greensboro NC - 2018 KIA Forte Overview

Forte Specials & Quotes

If you’re looking for great specials and quotes, you need to come down and contact our Greensboro North Carolina KIA dealership. For those who are still on the fence on the KIA Forte vs Honda Civic debate, our deals and incentives may just put you over the top. Come down and see us and we will help you find an incentive that will save you money and help you decide on what vehicle to go with. We often have an end of the year special, discounts for students, active duty military discounts and many other offers that can reduce the overall cost of your car. Not to mention, you may also be able to get a great deal with one of our low-cost financing options or by trading in your old vehicle for a new one. The best way to find out what we have available is to come in, give us a call or go online to get your unique car buying experience started. We are here to help you get an incredible value for your next vehicle, but you have to come down and see us to find out how we can help you get the best rates.

Greensboro NC - 2018 KIA Forte Exterior

Finance and Auto Loans

When you’re trying to decide between a KIA Forte vs comparable Honda Civic models at Battleground KIA, you need to also take into account the cost. Both vehicles will be brand new, but our dealership may be able to help you get a better deal on the new Forte models. This is because these cars are value-priced to begin with, and we often have unique financing options that will help you save even more money over the life of the vehicle. We offer excellent offers and savings, and you can also get the process started online if you like. Once we have your information, we will give you a call and continue the process of helping you to find a vehicle that you can truly love. Our dealership is here to help you get a fantastic deal on your next car, so come down and see what we can do to help you get back in the driver’s seat. Our dealership can work out your monthly payments so that they are more affordable than ever. Come down and let us help you find the right payment options and financing that you need to have an incredible new year with your new vehicle.

Greensboro NC - 2018 KIA Forte Interior

Forte Auto Repair & Service

We know that you may be debating a KIA Forte vs comparable Honda Civic models, but the best way to find the vehicle that is right for you is to visit Battleground KIA. Our Greensboro North Carolina dealership can help you estimate the total cost of ownership between a Forte and Civic. You may find that the Forte will save you additional money beyond the initial price thanks to the low overall maintenance costs. When you choose our dealership, you’ll also be able to use our service center to ensure that all of your repairs are handled professionally. Our service center can help you with oil changes, brake replacement, transmission repair and engine maintenance to keep your vehicle running in top shape. We also only use original equipment manufacturer parts to ensure you get the best possible value. Come down and see what we have to offer so that you can maintain your vehicle and save money.

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Our Greensboro North Carolina dealership is dedicated to helping you get a fantastic deal on your next vehicle purchase. The KIA Forte Vs Honda Civic debate should be a simple one when you take into account the overall cost of ownership for both vehicles, the standard safety features on all KIAs and the incredible warranty offerings. With a Forte, you’ll be getting an outstanding value that will pay for itself in spades. Come down and explore all of our options and we will demonstrate why owning a Forte is the best option to ensure you can enjoy your vehicle for a long time to come. Contact our dealership to help you get an incredible value and find the vehicle that makes the most sense for your situation. Give us a call, walk in or schedule your next vehicle quote or service online and we will take care of the rest so you can enjoy your driving experience.

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