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Kia Auto Finance

Battleground Kia Greensboro helps people finance their purchase. Our finance experts at Battleground Kia in Greensboro help people with all credit situations and types of special finance needs drive their dream car home. Regardless of where you are in the car buying process, you can get our free secure car loan quote for all Kia auto loans. Battleground Kia only works with trusted lenders to bring you low auto loan rates and flexible terms. Use our easy guaranteed secure Kia car loan application and get started with buying your dream car today!

Deciding whether to lease or buy a Kia vehicle in the Greensboro area can be a tough choice without any help. When you buy a Kia car, you pay for the entire Kia vehicle. You will usually make a down payment, pay the sales taxes in cash or roll these taxes into your Kia auto loan and pay an interest rate. You usually will make your first payment a month after you sign your contract. This option is great if you like to keep your cars for a long period of time and have a need to put unlimited miles on the Kia vehicle. When you lease, you are paying only for what you use. You do not have to have money to put down. You typically only pay sales tax on your monthly payments and are charged with a money factor that is similar to the interest rate on a new or used car loan. You make your first payment at the time you sign your contract.